Am I?

Random ramblings of an artistic hacker, kid.

ENFJ, life path number 5. Generally live life as I please, so if you don't enjoy reading what I write, then don't read it.

A little about me :)#

My name is Xiang Cheng, also known as de3ay. The username comes from the concept of decay in physics. I used to go by p1at0x, so my username for Toast is different from what it is now.

In the second half of 2018, I accidentally stumbled into the world of cybersecurity and became a script kiddie. Currently a high school senior, I am studying hard and trying to improve my skills. I apologize for my lack of expertise and will try to make up for it with my writing. Sometimes, the things I write may not take into account the privacy of the target or person. If I invade your privacy, please let me know. I have not joined any security teams (because I'm not skilled enough), but I am mainly interested in web and red teaming.

I dislike deserialization but love code auditing. However, I am learning these things, so please don't put too much pressure on me, experts...

Over the past few years, I have learned many things unrelated to cybersecurity through trial and error. I write blogs while doing so. If I hadn't been interested in computers from the beginning, I think I would have become an excellent storyteller.

So, when did my interest in information begin?

Perhaps it started when my dad used to play browser games while I was in kindergarten. So when he was cooking, I would run off to play games on websites like 7k7k and 4399. While other classmates were just starting to play small games in elementary school, I was already figuring out how to crack my dad's computer password. In third grade, after moving to a new house, my family decided to get a router. I tinkered with it and watched my dad set up the network, only to realize that our smart TCL TV didn't have Wi-Fi. So I bought an Ethernet cable and manually configured the dial-up connection based on what I had observed. That was in 2015, accompanied by my childhood memories of Tudou, Youku, Moli Video, and Baozou Comics.

Never forgetting my original intention, I persisted in searching for ways to crack passwords. I learned that Windows PE had a third-party DOS that could bypass login once. I bought a card reader and an SD card to pursue my dream. Of course, I didn't succeed in the end because the card reader could write but couldn't boot. Slowly, from PE to Windows, I encountered various things like flashing ROMs and patching ROMs. I made many friends and learned how to build websites during the era of carding network cards. Because I was curious, I gradually learned PHP bit by bit. Around 2018, a friend invited me to join an entertainment security group. With the tutorials provided by the big brothers in the group and my own perseverance, I have come this far. In those years, there were big brothers in the group who would send me websites to check every day. Whenever I got a shell, I would find that I was always one step behind the big brothers, as their "cousin." Hahaha.

I have omitted many details about this journey, but it's just a summary of my experiences. In my spare time, I not only read security digests and information bulletins but also read many great blogs written by experts. I read them chapter by chapter, such as P's Farewell Song and Nuclear's lcx.cc, etc. Actually, these security professionals who persist in writing blogs are quite interesting, both as individuals and in their articles. It's not easy to persist in writing blogs for such a long time. It's also interesting to see the development and changes in cybersecurity, from sniffing ARP and cracking Dede passwords to getting shells through RCE, LFI, and CSRF. The community has become more and more professional, but we can never go back to the innocence of the past.

Instead of sniffing ARP and getting shells by exploiting Dede, I prefer reading "Passion Top 2. Revealing the Legendary TH4CK Hacker Group, Penetrating Their Inner Circle". Hahaha.

Well, in short, I hope for world peace, and then I hope money will fall from the sky for me.

Some Internet Traces#

If you want to contact me, please be straightforward. Don't ask if I'm here or use Arabic numerals. The best way to solve a problem is to quickly express your thoughts to me.

First of all, I love using email the most because I don't have time for instant messaging tools. So please find my email in the footer.

Of course, if you really want to have a non-real-time chat with me on an instant messaging platform, you can find my Telegram in the footer or contact me on Google Voice: +1 984 3777733.

In addition, there is my GitHub account @de3ay, where I only fork other people's repositories, and my Discord, which I haven't used in ten years. If you want to contact me through these two methods, you might as well go to sleep.

Finally, here is a useful link. Please click on it.


I feel like this is not very useful, but since everyone else is writing about it, I'll write about it too.

Laptop: Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 15.6-inch Ryzen Edition; ASUS ROG Strix G15 3050ti Edition

Phone: iQOO Neo5 (currently using), iPhone 12 Pro, Xiaomi MIX 1, 2, 3, etc.

Earpods: Weak Water Time Sand Luli

Watch: OPPO Watch 42esim x2

Tablet: iPad 2021 9th Generation

Router: Newifi D2 && Padavan

In addition, I don't use Fiji cups.

To be continued

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